Drip before the deluge

I actually had to spend a minute just now hunting through about fifty Pitchfork/Song, by Toad/Random music blog tabs to find the page I was listening to this on. It’s another new Death Cab track, the opener from Codes and Keys. Which as I said last time isn’t something all of you are going to be into* but I’m not exactly forcing you to listen to it, am I?

Maintains a steely gaze and a steady hold on his revolver.



Is it deeply uncool to just link to Pitchfork?

Do I really care all that much?

Is this really a new Death Cab track rather than a low-key Postal Service song?

Is it a really good sign for the new album? (given that I’ve only listened to it twice…)

Is there a reason why this is all phrased as questions?

Valid questions.

As I mentioned, I’m trying to catch up on music news post-dissertation. This is being made somewhat more difficult by the sheer quantity of SXSW-related stuff floating around, so it might be a week or so before I launch into Tuneocalypse. That’s where I post a shitload of new music. It’s coming.

* I’m not entirely sure if I am, that’s what makes this new album interesting for me.

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