Just a quick one

In two senses actually; there’s a new Explosions in the Sky track up over on Stereogum. They’ve been pretty quiet the last couple of years so it’s nice to hear something new from them, even if they’ve never really been my go-to ‘mostly instrumental post-rock’ band*. It’s only three and a half minutes but has the sense of size I’d usually associate with a longer track.

Weirdly, if someone were to ask me for an example of a ‘normal’ post-rock band I’d probably pick them over bands I listen to more often, but I suspect that’s because I’ve never really been able to get a handle on what makes them unique. Sigur Ros have that whole ‘dude sounds like a girl singing in a made-up language’ thing going on and Mogwai sell themselves as ‘kinda dickish purveyors of permanent hearing damage’, EITS seem to just be a bunch of normal guys who make massive sounding instrumental music.

All that said, I really like the stabby vocal thing going on at the start of this new song and on my fourth listen I’m starting to pick out the rise and fall of the track as a whole. It may be that they’re actually more subtle than I though, playing around with a different kind of dynamic shift than the other bands I’ve mentioned. If that’s the case then I’m a lot more interested in hearing what the rest of the new album sounds like, although I do wonder whether without the insane jumps in volume and feeling of tension I’ll be all that fussed in the long run.

But those are problems with me and not the track, which for all the rambling is just a cool song that you can listen to through the link below.


* That would be Mogwai. Or Sigur Ros if you don’t count singing you can’t understand as vocals, which is a notion that looks sillier written down than it seemed in my head.

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