Totally Not Dead

Been really really busy with dissertation work. But the new The Pains of Being Pure at Heart* record is available for streaming on their website and I figured that that’s the sort of thing that should be common knowledge.

I may have mentioned before that the title track, ‘Belong’, is great. Very Smashing Pumpkins but in a ‘when the Smashing Pumpkins were really good at writing huge songs that make you feel awesome and weren’t just Billy Corgan and an assortment of seven-year olds he’s convinced to play with him for the hour or two it will take them to go off him to the point where they’ll develop a heroin addiction, refuse to ever be in the same room as him ever again, and run off into the hills to incompetently tend to their horses.’


Anyway, link below;


And a question for everyone, why do all the good fuzz-pop bands have one member who’s a bit Asian? Not really Asian, just y’know, a bit.**


* Capitalisation is their’s, not mine.

** There’s what… The Pains of Being Pure at Heart… Yuck… okay, that’s only two but it certainly seems like it’s a thing. Just me?

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