‘Happy Indie Music’ – Reuben and my last fm vs. My own self-image: pt.2


The saga continues…

25. The Tallest Man On Earth

Jaunty folkie.

Indeterminate – 8

24. Drive-By Truckers

Swings and roundabouts…

Indeterminate – 9

23. Big Boi

Big Boi is like a one-man walking party. Only with more sex and awesome guest verses.

Happy – 6

22. Archers of Loaf

Semi-comprehensible self-laceration…

Downbeat – 14

21. The Pillows

Completely incomprehenisble Japanese grin-merchants…

Happy – 7

20. Kanye West

We’re talking the latest album for the most part. But I really loved College Dropout too…

Indeterminate – 10

19.  John Vanderslice

My favourite song of his is ‘Dead Slate Pacific’, a love song about wanting to hang himself…

Downbeat – 15

18. The New Pornographers

Music dominates lyrics here, this is seriously happy music…

Happy – 8

17. Yo La Tengo

Weird. Atmospheric. Really friendly.

Happy – 9

16. Wilco

Jeff Tweedy can be kind of a douche. A sad douche.

Downbeat – 16

15. Frightened Rabbit

More like ‘Self-hating Catharic Rabbit’, amirite? Eh? Eh?

Downbeat – 17

14. Jimmy Eat World

I have no shame, only big girly emo-tears.

Downbeat – 18

13. Superchunk

Useful tip: The complete Superchunk back-catalogue costs an awful lot less than a lifetime of anti-depressants.

Happy – 10

12. Pavement

Are there emotions in Pavement songs?

Indeterminate – 11

11. Radiohead


Downbeat – 19

10. Modest Mouse

Trying to think of an upbeat Modest Mouse song…

Downbeat – 20

9. Meursault

As we enter the top ten it’s turning into a big catharsis party…

Downbeat – 21

8. Future of the Left

Mclusky mk.2…

Indeterminate – 12

7. Lifter Puller

Dark rather than downbeat, but no-one has too much fun at party in the Nice, Nice…

Indeterminate – 13

6. Pixies

Mclusky mk.0…

Indeterminate – 14

5. Bob Dylan

The Ur-Miserable-Folkie. (Particularly if you’re me and have a habit of putting ‘Blood on the Tracks’ on loop.)

Downbeat – 22

4.  The National

Faded, gloomy, aristocratic…

Downbeat – 23

3. The Hold Steady

S’all about redemption really…

Happy – 11

2. Los Campesinos!

Item of Evidence No.1:

Item of Evidence No.2:

Indeterminate – 15

1. The Mountain Goats

He’s written songs about dying, child abuse, dying, the end of relationships, being really really lonely, drug abuse, dying, shooting someone in the face, and dying but it all ends up being about getting through it and surviving. And he’s written two of the greatest love songs I’ve ever heard; Twin Human Highway Flares and…

So he’s indeterminate too, giving us a final result of…

Happy – 11

Downbeat – 23

Indeterminate – 16

So I am kind of a sad-sack. But but but, a few notes;

1. A lot of the more cheerful stuff is a recent development, I suspect it’ll come to the fore more and more over the next few years. Misery, like Warhammer, is a teenage hobby.

2. I tend to tell people about the happy stuff, it just seems kinda weird saying ‘You’ll love this song, it’ll totally make you feel like shit’.

3.  I really like cathartic music, it’s pretty much why I’m as obsessive as I am. It’s easier than getting professional help…

So yeah. Anyone else want to have a go and stick their results in the comments?

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4 Responses to ‘Happy Indie Music’ – Reuben and my last fm vs. My own self-image: pt.2

  1. Simon says:

    I have gone through phases of listening to You! Me! Dancing! on repeat for hours on end.

  2. Will says:

    Me too actually 🙂

    I bought the Meursault tickets today, btw.

  3. Reuben says:

    Duly noted.

    In fact, it seems like most of the happy music comes in the form of Rap… So I was completely wrong. Maybe the impression came from you telling me to listen to Los Campesinos every 10 minutes? But you’re right I would prefer this to “check this out, if you’re not weeping by the end I’ll give you a fiver!”

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