Adventures in singing really really high, being awesome, and posting four versions of the same song

Jonsi’s best known as ‘that guy from Sigur Ros, you know, the one who nobody believes is a guy when they hear them… yeah, that guy’. He put out a solo album last year, sounded like a denser, poppier Sigur Ros with shorter songs. Really great ‘grinning like a spaz’ music…

A few years back I’d have paid a decent amount of money to see Sigur Ros live, seemed like they’d put on a good show. But I wasn’t too fussed about seeing him on his own, I couldn’t see the songs working well in a live setting, the arrangements were a bit too dense. Clearly I’m an idiot…

Well, even if he could pull off the sound of the record on stage I figured the songs wouldn’t work without the complex backing. He cancelled his acoustic instore tour after the first show, saying he found the whole experience uncomfortable. It looked like this…


I’ve been at (and let’s be honest, played) a fair number of uncomfortable gigs, they didn’t look or sound much like that. Still, at this point there isn’t really anything left to take out of the songs… I mean, it’s just a guy singing, a ukelele, a few people drumming on their legs… What, seriously?… The whole album with just him on his own, in his house?…

Fine, okay, I give in.

At this point I’m just going to accept that he could sing that song backed by an army of farting poodles while an angry dwarf attacked audience members with a plank of wood and it’d still be fucking beautiful. I mean, he could probably… hmm… something sillier than that… err… turn an MGMT song about taking drugs and having sex with models into a touching piano ballad?… Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me…

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