Apparently you can be a great musician and a nice guy at the same time

It’s easy to forget why people are so fond John Vanderslice and his music. Everything he does is so low-key and subtle, so unassuming that he can come across as a little bland. And then you listen to a song like ‘Dead Slate Pacific’ and he tears your internal organs out through your shattered sternum without even raising his voice. The man uses detail and understatement the way punk bands use power chords and repetition, twisting surprise from the mundane in way that’s genuinely nothing like anyone else I’ve ever listened to.

And he produced half of the Mountain Goat’s albums that 4AD put out (‘We Shall All Be Healed’, ‘The Sunset Tree’, ‘Heretic Pride’) and collaborated with John Darnielle on the ‘Moon Colony Bloodbath’ E.P., if that helps…

The video above isn’t quite as good as the album version of the song but that one isn’t on Youtube and it’s only a matter of degrees really.

He’s got a new album out as of two weeks ago, ‘White Wilderness’., which he recorded with an orchestra. In three days. Because… well, honestly, why not? I haven’t had chance to listen to it yet and it isn’t reviewing quite as well as his past few albums, again only by a matter of degrees, so I can’t really say whether it’s a particularly good entry point into his catalogue. If you’re looking to get started with his stuff maybe try ‘Pixel Revolt’ or ‘Cellar Door’, but he’s fairly consistent so there isn’t really a bad place to start.

Hit up his website with the link below…

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