Actual New Music (It was bound to happen eventually)

Ohh, it's all dramatic!

So there’s a new Mountain Goat’s song floating around. It’s the second track they’ve released from the sessions for their new album ‘All Eternals Deck’, the first being an outtake called ‘Tyler Lambert’s Grave’ which John Darnielle gave away on his Twitter feed a few weeks ago. Actually, if you’re a Mountain Goats fan you really should keep an eye on his Twitter (, it’s a great source of free songs. And vegetarian soup recipes…

Anyway, I could wax lyrical about all things Mountain Goats for a while but I have to get a move on so I’ll be brief. Song seems pretty cool, nothing especially unusual that I’ve noticed on the first few listens. Very nicely put together though. Even so, the past few years they’ve tended to release the most MOR song on each album as the lead-off single (‘Genesis 3:23’? Really?), so there’s still a strong chance that with songs recorded by a metal producer and a seventies occult-horror-movie theme the album could be one of the oddest they’ve released in a while. And, yes, that is including the last album with all the songs based on specific Bible verses.

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One Response to Actual New Music (It was bound to happen eventually)

  1. Richard says:

    Yeah man, it’s a good song, innit? I got it off twitter when it came out.

    You should read My mate Simon makes it. Good stuff. You probably know about it, though.

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