Getting the ball rolling

The Last Battle - Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea

The Last Battle have, for me at least, been one of those bands whose name you see around and about but you never get round to investigating. Between gig posters, venue running-orders, assorted blogs, etc. you can end up seeing a lot of band names and I guess some of them stick in your mind more than others, even if you never bother to actually track down their music. Actually, if it hadn’t been for… insert convoluted, not especially interesting story here… I probably wouldn’t have found out that they’d released an album and a couple of free EP’s in the last year. Which would have been a damn shame really, everything I’ve heard from them so far has been great and they seem to be putting out new music at quite a rate.

The music itself is acoustic folk-pop, the sort with enough energy to give the songs some punch without ever sounding aggressive. They’ve got a real grasp of that melancholy vibe the best Scottish folk trades on but they pull it off without coming across as monotone or overly dour the way the more austere, traditional stuff can. It’s a little hard to think of a specific part of their sound to talk about, it’s not so much that they’re doing anything particularly new as that they’re doing a specific thing really well. I’m still working my way through the album so if I think of something a little more enlightening to say in the next few weeks…

Anyway, the song below is one of the b-sides on the free EP they put out last month. There’s something about the simplicity of it that really does it for me, I’m not sure I can explain it any better than that. And it’s vaguely festive and it’s still sorta… yeah, I’m stretching a bit with that.

The Last Battle – Once Upon A Boxing Day

You can listen to and buy the whole album at the Bandcamp link below…

The Last Battle

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