First post, W00t! (And thusly did he get perma-banned from his own blog)

So let’s try this again…

I’ve set up and abandoned a couple of blogs in the past so I’ve spent a little time thinking about what I’m going to use this thing for. It helps me to have an idea of what I should be posting but I’ve come to realise that being too serious and meticulous about one of these things is a great way to make sure I don’t actually enjoy using it. So we’ll be keeping things a little woolly for the forseeable future.

I will say, however, that this is a music blog. No rambling stories about my personal life and cheap angling for sympathy here. The intention is to talk about gigs/albums/whatever I happen to have heard recently and to try to avoid writing about stuff I don’t like. I far prefer to write about music that excites me and I’ve no particular desire to spend my spare-time sniping at people I’ve never met for recording songs I’m not fussed about. That said it’s quite possible something will irritate me to the point that I can’t stop myself from ranting about it, stranger things have happened.

I won’t be giving things scores either, mostly for the usual ‘it’s totally arbitrary and doesn’t tell you anything about the songs’ reasons but also because it’s pretty pompous for a relative novice/amateur/dumb-ass/’insert-stronger-insult-here’ to sit and lord it over people who make music for a living.

I’ll stick up the unedited versions of the reviews I’ve written for The Student (Edinburgh University’s student newspaper, shockingly) once I get back up to Edinburgh later in the week, and I might repost one or two things from my old music blog if I feel the urge but I may just let those go quietly off into the corner to gather dust.

So yeah, that was the intro post. Fun times! Cheers for taking the time to actually read this, it’s genuinely appreciated. And please do jump into the comments, particularly once I start talking about actual music instead to all this meta waffle, and tell me how I’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick on your favourite record and how this means you’ll never speak to me again. Go on, you know it’s going to happen sooner or later…

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